During the time between editions of the Review of Particle Physics and the Particle Physics Booklet, we often find a number of errata. We correct most errata on our WWW pages. If you should find errata that are not known to us, please send mail to pdg @ lbl.gov.

For errata in previous editions, please see:

Pages 21, 11 of the Web versions below:
Conservation Laws (page 21)
Leptons Summary Table (page 11)
(August 27, 2021):
- The value of $\Delta$m$_{32}^2$ (Inverted order) should read: $(-2.536 \pm0.034)\times 10^{-3}$ eV$^2$.
Page 36 of the Web version below:
Neutrino Mixing Listing (page 36)
(August 27, 2021):
- $\Delta$m$_{32}^2$ value of OUR FIT (Assuming inverted ordering) should read: $-2.536 \pm0.034\ (\times 10^{-3}$ eV$^2)$.
- $\Delta$m$_{32}^2$ measurement of ABE 20F for inverted mass ordering should read: $-2.51 \pm0.07\ (\times 10^{-3}$ eV$^2)$.
Page 32 of the Web version review below:
Electroweak model and constraints on new physics (page 32)
(August 27, 2020):
- In eq. (10.72b) the denominator of the prefactor of the second term no the rhs should read: $\widehat c_Z\widehat s_Z$.
- In eq. (10.72c) the prefactor of the second term on the rhs should read: $\frac{\widehat c_Z}{\widehat s_Z}$.
Page 1 of the Web version review below:
Naming scheme for hadrons (page 1)
(September 14, 2020):
The Revised date should state: August 2019.
Page 27 of the Web version review below:
Big-Bang cosmology (page 27)
(August 27, 2020):
Reference [52] should read: S. Weinberg, Rev. Mod. Phys. 61, 1 (1989).
Page 481 of the full Review (page 18 of the Web version review below):
Dark matter (page 18)
(June 11, 2021):
Figure 27.1 should display CRESST (2019) upper limits.
Pages 1, 7 of the Web version review below:
Cosmic microwave background (pages 1, 7)
(September 14, 2020):
- The affiliations of G.F. Smoot should read: (HKUST; Paris U.; UC Berkeley; LBNL) ;
- The reference in the last sentence before section 29.5.2 should read: (see Sec. 29.7) ;
Page 16 of the Web version review below:
Particle detectors for non-accelerator physics (page 16)
(September 4, 2020):
The second sentence of Calibrationsection starting with "Time calibration is achieved ..." has been slightly modified to clarify the calibration procedure.
Page 970 of the full Review (pages 24, 25 of the Web version review below):
Dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking: implications of the H(0) (pages 24, 25)
(August 25, 2020):
References [102], [104], [112], [126], [134], [151] should list Report Number.
Page 6 of the Web version review below:
$D^0-\overline{D^0}$ mixing (page 6)
(September 8, 2020):
In Table 69.4 the "No CP Violation" entry of 2007 Belle should be marked by an asterisk and listed below the horizontal line.
The review below:
Number of light neutrino types from collider experiments
(September 1, 2020):
Added references [2], [3] and included a sentence referencing them.
The review below:
Pole structure of the $\Lambda$(1405) region.
(September 1, 2020):
The review should have a chapter number 83.
The review below:
Charmed baryons
(September 2, 2020):
Replaced with the revised version that was published in the full Review.